As a longterm and legally competent member of the Bulgarian chamber of economy and commerce (BCEC), Law office “Popov and partners” took participation in the tender procedure in the projects of the EU, managed by the European Commission – “Gateway to China” and “Green gateway to South Korea”. Law office “Popov and partners” was included in the “shortlist” composed by candidates, which meet the criteria provided for in Regulation (EU) N°236/2014 of the European parliament and the Council from the 11th of March 2014 describing the general rules and procedures for the execution of the instruments of the Council for the financing of external actions and which have successfully passed the first phase of the tender procedure. The above listed projects are focused on the establishment of effective business connections between European companies and leading Chinese and Korean enterprises, the development of a marketing strategy and researching the local business and commercial practices.

Thanks to its bountiful experience in its work with companies from South eastern Asia and the successful completion of projects in the field of construction and engineering, Law office “Popov and partners” is fully capable to efficiently contribute to the achievement of the goals laid out in the above described projects of the EU.