–ěn 12th  of May 2015 a diplomatic corps meeting was conducted at the Residence of the Turkish Ambassador in Republic of Bulgaria. The meeting topic was the continuing refugees crossing of the Bulgarian border with Turkey. A special guest speaker attended on the event - Mr. Roland Francois Weil an UNHCR (The Refugees Agency towards UN) representative in Republic of Bulgaria. Law Office “Popov and Partners” had its representatives at the event concerning the refugee situation in Republic of Bulgaria.

Mr. Weil began with description of the figures that consider the refugee emergency situation especially a number of the refugees hosted by Turkey. Towards the current moment, there are more than 1,7 million refugees officially in Turkey and more than 2,0 million based on unofficial information. On the grounds of the official statistics, many of the above-mentioned refugees have family members or another kind of relatives into Member States of the European Union. Due to this fact the main goal of the refugees is crossing the nearest EU border and in this case this is the Bulgarian border as an external EU border.

Mr. Weil provided us with some data regarding the number of the refugees successfully crossing the border with Bulgaria and informed us that the number of the crossed refugees seeking asylum has dramatically increased at the end of 2013. The information was presented to all participants at the event including the representatives of Law Office “Popov and Partners”.

The exact numbers are as follows:

2013 – 7 000 attempts for asylum application;

2014 – 11 000 attempts for asylum application;

Expecting figure by the end of 2015 – 12 000 or more attempts for asylum application;


Taking into account the above-mentioned situation the Bulgarian government commenced a construction of 30 km long fence in order preventing the uncontrolled and illegal border crossing. The authorities also have available the number of the not admitted refugees towards 2015 which are around 38 thousand. 


Regardless of this fact the refugees are continuing to cross the border and the number of the illegally crossed persons is growing. This situation generates the problem with provision of accommodation, food supplies, medicines, medical care etc.  The necessity of the above-mentioned resources creates the need of financing. At the moment the Republic of Bulgaria is applied for funding by the EU Funds, but there still no answer. Republic of Bulgaria does not have the resources needed for refugees ensuring.


Mr. Weil completely supported the idea for integration system building, which shall ensure that the refugees could be seen from afar by the authorities.  That shall increase the border police capability to prevent the illegal border crossing.