The law office combines the professionalism and knowledge of experienced lawyers, the skills and energy of a newer generation attorneys-at-law, the inquisitiveness and enthusiasm of the youngest.

The development of the law office activity involved the creation of expanded structures with a large number of leading specialists working in various fields of law and finance, economics and technical specialties, this enabling complex and successful solution for every legal issue.

An important contribution to the establishment and consolidation of Law office “POPOV and PARTNERS” was made by attorney-at-law Rumyana Dimitrova, attorney-at-law Giovanna Vateva, attorney-at-law Valya Momchilova and legal adviser Hristo Nikolaev.

As consultants of the law office, significant contribution was made by Eng. Boyan Tsanov and Eng. Alexander Dimitrov - heads of some of the most important industrial sites in North Africa and the Middle East.