LO "POPOV & PARTNERS" is specialized in settling of disputes arising in the course of implementation of construction and investment projects in the energy field, and is a bridge of its kind between construction professions and law professions. The office provides services to investment projects, including to investment projects financed by European funds.

To provide maximum protection of the clients' interests and optimize their expenses the office emphasizes on prevention aiming to avoid future arbitration disputes or legal disputes between parties. For the purpose the office has established a team of qualified lawyers experienced in consulting of engineering contracts and construction contracts; in their work they are supported by technical and financial consultants specialized in the respective fields. That enables us to support our clients in a timely and competent manner at an earliest stage - starting from negotiations, for formulating an appropriate contracting strategy with clear and correct distribution of rights, obligations and substantial risks, through subsequent preparation of contract terms and conditions reviewing all documentation related to a contract so as to ensure project sustainability and compliance, to providing conciliation services in cases of disputes, and finally - procedural representation of the client.

The provided and improved by the long experience of Law office “Popov and partners” service is unique for the Bulgarian business environment due to the close cooperation of the office with experts from "Complex Management Engineering" Ltd." Power Consulting" Ltd., the Consortium "EUROPEAN CENTER FOR DEVELOPMENT, IMPLEMENTATION AND MANAGEMENT OF PROJECTS", "New Energy Investment" Ltd., "New Energy Investment Bulgaria" Ltd. and others.

All this allows Law office "Popov and partners" to provide comprehensive legal, financial and technical service on investment projects.

  • Consulting on the form of contract, contracting strategy and manner of implementation;
  • Making of amendments in prepared contracts;
  • Consulting and assistance in drawing up of other contract documents and preparation of complete documentation;
  • Contract negotiations with selected contractors and finalizing a contract;
  • Analyzing and interpretation of contractual requirements;
  • Preparation of quotations, review and revision of quotations prepared by the client.
  • Consulting in the course of contract/project management;
  • Analysis in the case of critical contract/project development;
  • Delay analysis;
  • Monitoring and revision of a formulated programme for contract/project implementation;
  • Assessment of amendments impact and cost;
  • Consulting on problems occurred in relation to contract/project implementation;
  • Assisting the client to establish in due time a system for collecting and storing the complete documentation and information on a contract/project.
  • Dispute review;
  • Expert services - providing of appropriate experts to define and assess completed works, incurred damages and incurred additional expenses; formulating of delay related issues; prolonging a contract/project implementation term; expediting of implementation, and contract termination ahead of term as necessary;
  • Conciliation services, negotiating;
  • Services to expedite the implementation and completion of construction projects - consulting on the expenditures related to expediting; drafting an expediting agreement - cost; goals to be achieved, and consequences in case they are not achieved;
  • Making an analysis in case of disputes referred to arbitration or court - assist the client in selecting the most effective means to evidence actual project expenditures; formulating precisely of damage claims;
  • Preparation of claims, and claims defence - consulting on a claim grounds and on authorization; evaluation of additional costs and/or damages; instituting a claim; defence on claim, including institution of a counterclaim; negotiation on a claim/counterclaim